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“The origin of our neuromuscular dysfunction is rooted in our movement strategy… we need to return to moving from our center, whole body movement.”

the wholebody view: 

The WholeBody view is a hands-on bodywork approach to movement therapy that utilizes gentle invitational movements. These techniques facilitate profound relaxation while releasing deep-seated restrictive bodymind patterns. Most recipients report an immediate increase in neuromuscular mobility and a return towards one’s optimal performance. The WholeBody View has therapeutic applications in massage, physical, and occupational therapies. This ground-breaking method will lead both practitioner and client to greater overall well being and function.


the essence: 

The essence and foundation of the WholeBody View is that we are naturally designed and brilliantly organized to initiate all movement from our center as a whole body. Anything less than a whole body approach to movement is “segmenting.” This restrictive approach is the most inefficient and stressful strategy for moving our body through our day’s activities. Long term segmenting establishes restrictive movement patterns that lead to neuromuscular dysfunction developing an environment for injury and trauma. In this View segmenting is the origin of our neuromuscular dysfunction. Initiating movement from our center it diffuses that stress and effort throughout our entire structure negating point loading and overly stressed areas in our body. Our immediate experience is the restoration of ease, freedom and well balanced, safe movement. Through this method everyone is capable of improving and experiencing greater function.


class experience: 

Each student will experience the fullness of this unique approach to well being through hands-on bodywork. Each participant in this WholeBody CE class will:


  • Receive several bodywork sessions addressing your own personal neuromuscular issues! Many report resolve or significant change in long term issues. Learn how to more effectively address your daily stress points.

  • Integrate techniques developed with WholeBody View’s efficiency and sensibility, including working locally and globally at all times! Eliminate the stress from your practice while working to the deepest levels possible! Bring a new, exciting and hopeful experience to your clients!

  • Begin the process of allowing real ease and depth to your personal experience and to your bodywork practice! Extend the comfortable length and possibilities of your bodywork career.


student testimonials: 

“This class was truly a fun and unique experience… really informative and enjoyable” - Sue, LMT Panama City, Florida


“Eye opening, I can now see myself being able to continue this work for years! This class has given me more tools to do that with!” ~Kevin, LMT Lynn Haven, Florida


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This simple yet profoundly effective approach was developed by Dan McGovern, a movement therapist with over twenty years of practical experience. His extensive training in the Trager Approach and the Feldenkrais Method has informed his approach greatly. Dan’s professional practice includes working with those living with clinical movement disorder: Parkinsons, Dystonia, Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy.

In addition to his private practice, Dan is also an Approved CE Provider for the State of Florida Board of Massage Therapy and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB). He teaches Continuing Education in the State of Florida throughout the year. Dan also offers the Wholebody View Certification Program, designed for physical, occupational and massage therapists. His teaching schedule has taken him throughout Europe and the United States. Dan has lived and worked in the Greater Boston, New York City and Miami metropolitan areas and is now living, working and teaching in Southern Florida.


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Florida Board of Massage Therapy CE Provider #50-10611

Daniel McGovern is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

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